Mac Repair

At Boise Mac Repair we understand you need your computer working again ASAP. We also understand the need for constant communication throughout the process. After working on Macs for over a decade we have learned a thing or two about what good Mac Repair service is all about.

Free diagnosis

Our Free 24 hour diagnosis is designed to allow you to make an educated decision regarding repairing your mac repair. Sometimes the problem with your computer will not be worth repairing, and in those situations we do not want you to be pressured into a repair because you will loose your “diagnosis fee” if you don’t go ahead with the repair.

Fast Service

Your time is valuable and you need your computer to be as productive as possible. We understand that and offer fast turnaround on Mac repairs. We stock 100’s of parts to allow us to provide next day service on many repairs!

Constant Communication

Keeping you in the loop regarding your Mac is one of our top priorities. We send you email updates throughout the process, and if you wish we can send text message updates as well!

Services Designed to Save

Since we first started repairing Macs in 2007, we have worked to differentiate our service offerings by including services that other shops didn’t want to offer. These are services that are more difficult to master, more difficult to source parts for, and take a lot more knowledge than just swapping the part out.

MacBook Screen Repair

We have been specializing in mac screen replacement for over a decade now. We offer LCD replacements for MacBook Air’s starting at $200 all the way up to the 2015 Retina MacBook Pro entire display replacement for $475.

$49 Adware Removal

If you are being inundated with adds on your Mac, you may have adware installed. Adware for the Mac has become increasingly common over the past couple of years, and we have become experts in its removal. Learn more about our adware removal service for Macs in Boise

SSD and RAM Upgrades

Do you have a Mac with a DVD slot that is running slow? We can help! If your Mac has a DVD slot and is newer than 2008, we would recommend an SSD upgrade to help speed it up tremendously! We also offer RAM upgrades and software tune-ups to help speed up your Mac. Learn more about upgrades here

Battery Replacements

If your Mac needs a battery replacement, we can help! We offer battery replacement services for MacBook Airs and MacBook Pros. We try to stock as many batteries as possible for quick turnaround. But if we don’t have what you need in stock, we can order it in and let you know when it arrives for a quick turnaround.

$69 Corruption Repair

One of the most common issues we see are computers that have corruption on the drive that causes the computer to not boot completely. While corruption can be caused by the computer shutting down due to loss of power, software conflicts, and more, a common cause is a failing hard drive. We can diagnose the problem and if it is just in need of corruption repair, our flat rate software service will cover it at $69.

Onsite Service

Do you need help at your home or business? We offer onsite service in the Downtown Boise area for $100 an hour with a 1 hour minimum. We also offer remote service at $25 per 15 min.

Liquid Damage

Sometimes accidents happen and your Mac gets a little wet. We can help! The most important thing is to get your liquid damaged Mac to a repair shop that can disconnect the battery and remove the liquid from the logic board as quickly as possible. We offer liquid damage repairs including professional logic board cleaning, keyboard replacement, and more!

$349 Logic Board Repair

We are one of the only shops to offer Mac logic board repair locally in Boise. We can complete some logic board repair in our Boise shop, and other more difficult repairs we have to send to our lab in CA. We have a flat rate fee of $349, and couple that flat fee with a no fix no charge policy!

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